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Mongolian Gecko Dog Imports
Mongolian Gecko Dog Breed Sheet Rare genes by xXMacoyXx
Mongolian Gecko Dog Breed Sheet by xXMacoyXx
Mongolian Gecko Dog NEW COLURES + MARKINGS by xXMacoyXx
Import Abyssinian [i045] by xXMacoyXx
From now on please buy imports through this as it will be easier to keep track of thank you I hope you like my breed! I may increase the price later on so grab them while their hot! 

Price Differs for rares:

- Standard Import: 20 points
- Standard Import with Rare eyes: 25 points
- Import with rare coat colours/markings: 30 points
- Import with rare eyes and coat colour/markings: 35 points
- Super Rare import: [Any other alterations to the coat colour, markings and eyes that aren't specified on the breed sheets A.K.A. 3 way spectral Heterochroma [3 colours] 40 points

Send extra via the Give button or my donation pool which ever you find easier. 

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Awesome arts from some of my amazing pals on DA love's you all!!!!



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To upgrade my new group 'ChaosMuttsRP' to a super group

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Hey guys, anyone interested in an amazing fantasy roleplay group consisting of canine like creatures known as aershaa, Anthro creatures known as Furrs, small fennix fox like creatures known as Lekkir and many more playable creatures? Well, look no further, the realm of dreyrull has all that and more.

This group is for all writing styles, skills and techniques, even art Rps for those who aren't as confident in writing. There is currently a new custom event on for newbies and current members to get a character or two so why not hop on over and check it out?…

We're a friendly bunch and all current members love meeting new members and showing them the ropes. Interested in joining? Well, why not introduce yourself here… once you have said hi why not read the beginners guide to get a better understanding of the group head over here…

If you do want to take part in the event and you have joined as a result of reading this then please put xXMacoyXx in the referral section of the form thank you and hope to see you in the Drey!
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Pokemon X Music
  • Reading: Leopard gecko breeding information
  • Watching: The geckos
  • Playing: Pokemon X
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Pepsi


Tarkoth Banner by xXMacoyXx
Tarkoth Banner
A drawing of my Air aershaa that I made into a banner, background looks terrible, but its the best I could do for now.
Tarkoth's Character Sheet by xXMacoyXx
Tarkoth's Character Sheet
Name: Tarkoth
Gender: Male
Age: Adult - 13 Cycles
Height: 3 1/2ft
Weight: ------
Wingspan: 11ft

Likes: -----
Dislikes: He hates it when he tries to explain something to someone, and they don't listen to him or talk over him. He dislikes being dirty and will often spend hours cleaning himself.
Quirks/Habits: He is almost silent, except when with his bonded. He tends to clean himself like a cat, and tends to do it fairly often.
Moto: "Only give knowledge to those willing to listen... There isn't enough time to waste trying to talk to those who do not appreciate your help..."
Fear(s): Being trapped, or cornered. He fears what humans can do to aershaa, and see them as a threat. He is also terified of never finding a mate that understands him, he also worries about being a good parent to any future pups he may have.
Religion: He follows the S'feena religion.

Physical Appearance: Muscular yet slender, he is tall for a standard male treedrifter Air, yet muscular enough to dodge his way through the trees. He has an over all regal and elogant look to him, and you could say he was a very handsome male, full of elogance and power. He has large paws for his body size, he has tuffts of fur around the base of his ears, however it is hard to see through his feathery mane. His body is slightly elongated, yet its not out of proprtion to his body size so its hard to notice, he is rather fluffy for his breed.

Personality: He tends to act differently when alone then he does with his bonded. When he is with Rashz'k he is lively and bubbley, and always ready to go off exploring, and becomes a bit of a chatter box. Yet when he is alone he is quiet (Near enough silent unless someone shows him that they are wiling to listen to him), serious and proud. When alone he tends to act more elogante and aloof, and tends to wander around quietly thinking as he travels, yet when with Rashz'k he tends to act more youthful and puppy like, as if Rashz'k gives him energy to do things he usually wouldn't. He is a kind and thoughtful male, and woud never hurt a fly, he would only get into a fight if he was protecting himself or a close friend. He has a very noble stance and always acts as if he was royalty, even though he didn't stay in a pack environment for long her would have taken his fathers rank as alpha, and its as if his mind knows that he would have been an alpha.

History: ------

Generation #: #1
Other Related Characters: No Known Family Ties!

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: In Love - Currently In a possible mate plot.
# of Breedings: None
Offspring: N/A

Race: Aershaa
Class: Tame
Breed: Air
Dominant Element: Air
Mage Class/Magic: Elemental - Wind Magic
Occupations: Faithful Side kick
Theme Song: ------
Bonded/Owned: Rashz'k - Adult - Male - Uvaren

Region: Vagabond
Home: Travels so doesn't have one, but is often seen in Hasseran with his bonded
RP color: #00CC99

[b]Ideas/Plots:[/b] ------
I'm going to try to be a bit more active here, going to re-awaken my kennel dogs, and maybe join in some RP groups to keep me active here. Not sure how much time I will have to do any proper art for here, as life is pretty busy at the moment, but I'll try to do some art here.
Bongo Exotic Capo Design by xXMacoyXx
Bongo Exotic Capo Design
My new Capo Import got permission from Gutter-Mutt to design this guy, and here he is, still need a name for this dude.

Breed (c) Gutter-Mutt
Art (c) Me
My capos by xXMacoyXx
My capos
This is a small list of my old capos and some that i have reclaimed or never got to breed, im brining them back to life again.

1 - Sold To Meykka

2 - Keeping

3 - Sold To Meykka

4 - Keeping

5 - Sold To LighteningFox

6 - Keeping

7 - Keeping

8 - Reclaimed From DinoVinny

9 - Keeping - A capo I brought from a litter that I never got to use.

10 - Keeping - A gift I got for christmas before I lost my licence, going to bring her into use!

Art and Lines (C) Me
Breed (C) Gutter-Mutt
Designs (C) Rightful Owners


xXMacoyXx's Profile Picture
Abbie Gordon
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I am 18 going on 19 years old i live with my fiance, at his house we own 11 leopard geckos and 1 gargoyle gecko, and hope to make a small scale business from it, I love art and have taken a lot of art based courses including GSCE art, Life drawing, GAD Art and design and graphics. I am a huge animal lover who would quite happily live in a zoo with tons of animals around me all the time, I hope to go to sparsholt college in september to do an animal management and handling course with the choice of dog grooming or exotics, since i have reptiles and love them so much im hoping to do the exotics side of the course. I hope to eventually work with reptiles at a zoo or pet store as a reptile expert, which is my dream job but working with any animals will be fine XD

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